Lonely Leaders

Leaders are held with high esteem and are viewed as great individuals. You have to be a great individual in order to be a leader, right? Of course you do. Leaders display great confidence and charisma, able to talk to just about anyone about anything, no matter the subject of conversation. But behind the facade of greatness lies doubt, fear, uncertainty, and loneliness that is difficult to express, to put on display and to share with others.

Leaders, Vietnam

Leadership Strategies for Vietnam Team

Starting to lead a new team is a challenge for any leader, new or seasoned. There are different personalities within the group that needs to be learned and different abilities that needs to be brought out. Instead of charging into the challenge and taking the bull by the horn, sort of speak, there are strategies you can use to better plan for your approach.


Dealing with Poor Productivity

Your boss is coming down on you because your team had a significant drop in production compared to previous months and quarters. This drop in productivity has greatly impacted the performance of the other teams who rely on you and your team to produce. You investigate more and find that the root cause is from one particular member in your team. You’re under extreme pressure from your superior and your peers, so naturally you have to come down heavily on that member, right?


Not A Born Leader

My father is a great leader and, at least to me, it seems like he’s a born leader. I grew up watching him lead very smart and successful people. He started his own company and many wonderful and very capable people followed him, and several still follows him today, two and a half decades later. That’s a sign of a great leadership to me, when people are willing to follow you for such a long time, especially in this day and age.