About Me

I have over 20 years of experience, over 10 of which is spent working in Asia and managing Asian engineers in the IT industry.  Over the past decade, I’ve gained significant experience, knowledge and insight on how to work with the unique Asian culture that’s drastically evolving with the rush to outsource to Asia.  My focus is to help foreign business work with the local leadership teams and, in reverse, develop and train the young leadership team to be better leaders and more equipped to work with foreign investment expectations.

I’m a seasoned IT leader and operational manager with over two decades of working globally in the computer software service industry, and responsible to oversee LogiGear Software Testing Service Delivery Centers for the Vietnam and Asian-Pac regions.  In addition, I’m also responsible for the business development and operations for MOWEDE as the General Manager.   

Started out as a test engineer, I’ve excelled my career into a broad spectrum of business including project, IT, account, customer success, and marketing and sales management. In 2004, when LogiGear began to establish its present in Vietnam with two Software Testing & Research centers in Saigon and the third center in 2009 in DaNang, I was instrumental and the key leader who was chartered to build out the entire foundation and infrastructure for LogiGear to grow for the next decades.