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Holiday Hangover


Holiday Hangover

Happy New Year Constant Leaders!!!  Over the past weeks, we’ve all had a few days off.  I sincerely hope you enjoyed your time off.  As we look forward to the New Year, we need to get back into work mode.  For many of us, we have to get over what’s called the holiday hangover.  Unlike the traditional hangover from over drinking, the holiday hangover may last longer.  Getting back into work mode takes longer for some than others.  But we all have to do it.

When we hear of a hangover, we naturally think of the day after a night of overdrinking.  We’re fatigued, dehydrated and have a severe headache.  After a day of pain and misery, we’re likely to have recovered from that hangover.  The holiday hangover is different. Instead of pain from over indulging in alcohol, the holiday hangover is due to a long extended break from our normal routines.  During the year, we get into our work mode and we have created habits for ourselves.  Time we wake up, time we eat and time we get out of the house are all part of the routine.  The holiday break truly breaks our normal routine for days, even weeks for some.

Now that the holiday season is behind us, we need to quickly get back into work mode.  We need to get rid of this holiday hangover.  Our work depends on us and so does the people who we’re responsible for.  Here are five things you should consider to help you get rid of your holiday hangover.

  1. Set Alarms – The first thing you need to do to get rid of your holiday hangover is to get yourself back into the grove of things. You can do this by setting your alarm clock to wake up in the morning.  Over the holiday, you may have gotten used to sleeping in.  I know I certainly have.  Setting alarm clock and getting ourselves up to start the day on time is important.  This also means that you need to get yourself to bed on time the night prior. 

  2. Calendar – Use the technology you have at your disposal. Starting with your calendar, you should set schedules and reminders for yourself.  Lean on your calendar to get you back into your normal routine. 

  3. Entire family – It’s important to recognize that for many of us, our routine is tied with our family. It will be difficult for us to get back to our routine if our family is still struggling with the holiday hangover.  Get your family, your children and your spouse back to their regular routine.  In doing so, it will expedite your process to getting rid of the holiday hangover.

  4. Don’t take time – I don’t think I say this very often, but this is one of those time where I would say NOT to take your time. Don’t procrastinate.  It’s not okay to push it off to tomorrow.  The longer you take to get rid of this holiday hangover, the more time you waste.  Do it now and do it quickly.
  5. Empathy – We now know that we struggle from the holiday hangover. And we know that it will take some time and effort for us to get over this holiday hangover.  It may take a few days or even week.  For some, it may take longer.  Empathize for those who are struggling to get over the holiday hangover.  Help them.  Give them some advice.  Share this article with them.  You can read more about how to empathize here.


As we return to our normal work schedule, we want to put our best foot forward.  The holiday hangover doesn’t help, but there are things we can do to overcome it.  But you must recognize it and put in the effort to get rid of it as soon as possible.  Do delay the process.  Get started now and your team will thank you for it.  Happy New Year!!!!  Welcome to 2021!!!




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