Lonely Leaders

Lonely Leader

Leaders are held with high esteem and are viewed as great individuals. You have to be a great individual in order to be a leader, right? Of course you do. Leaders display great confidence and charisma, able to talk to just about anyone about anything, no matter the subject of conversation. But behind the facade of greatness lies doubt, fear, uncertainty, and loneliness that is difficult to express, to put on display and to share with others.

As leaders, you are expected to project confidence and strength. You must display authority and stability so that others can feed off of your energy and elevate themselves to be better. But behind the great aura that people perceive sometimes lies self-doubt, fear, anger, frustration, stress and even the sense of inability to move and just simply take another step forward. Yes, these are all real feelings that leaders at some points in their careers have. Yet they must mask those emotions, suppress them deep down, sacrifice their own well-being in order to support others as they raise others up to achieve their goals.

It can easily be missed or overlooked that leaders are, too, human, with human emotions and life experiences. Leaders too have pressures to deliver, deadlines to meet, bosses to answer to, and personal life struggles they must constantly balance and juggle. Leaders can’t bring their problems and pain to share with their team members, hoping for understanding and empathy. They certainly can’t run to their superiors winning about the struggle and challenges they’re facing. They must internalize all those emotions, process it themselves, take control of their own emotions, set it aside, and get in front of their teams and be the strong confident leader that’s expected.

This can sound like a deterrent to stay away from trying to be a leader. But it’s not. The purpose of this is to share so that we are all aware that our leaders may too suffer the struggles that we face, possibly even more, but they don’t show it. You as a leader are recognized for the sacrifices you make to be a great leader. So have this understanding, empathize for each other and appreciate your leader and yourself as a leader. You are appreciated.

Photo by: Bethany Legg

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