About C H I E

Culture is important.  Your culture dictates how you behave and how you make decisions.  Culture guides how you treat yourself and how you treat each other.  At Constant Leaders, we have a CHIE leadership culture.  Pronounced as “CHAI”, CHIE stands for Consistency, Honestly, Integrity and Empathy.

Consistency is essential for leaders to provide. As a leader, you want to be consistent and you want your team to know exactly what you expect from them and exactly everything you’re will to give. What do don’t want is a sense that you’re unpredictable or unstable.

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Honesty may sound simple but it’s amazing how so many leaders struggle with this. Ultimately, what you say, the stories you tell must be honest and based off truths and facts. Trust is an essential part of the relationship and being honest will build a bond that will last.

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Integrity is a challenge that leaders face regularly. Doing the right thing regardless of who’s watching or who may or may not know. It’s instilling the culture that your team will trust that you will make the ethical decision all the time.

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Empathy is last but not least. True empathy takes leadership to a level beyond what many others are able to achieve. It takes the objective from being goal based, production based, delivery based to focusing on the individual. Caring for people. If empathy for people is done well and consistently, all the goals, production and delivery will naturally follow.

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