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Balancing Responsibility to the Business Versus Loyalty to the Team

We talk a lot about caring for those who you’re in charge of. Much of our discussion surrounds your role as a leader to mentor and support your team members. But we must not forget that in business, you too have a responsibility to the business whom you work for. How you balance your responsibility versus your loyalty to your team is a very tricky and touchy topic.

CHIE, Consitency, Empathy, Honesty, Integrity, Leaders

Deal With Time Off Requests

Each year every employee is entitled to some time off. This is legally mandated by the government, regardless of which country your company conducts business in. Dealing with time off requests, however, can be a challenge. It disrupts business and productivity each time someone takes time off. Being able to deal with time off requests gracefully can make a great difference to your organization’s bottom line.


Avoid Workplace Drama

One of the most unproductive thing which occurs at the workplace is drama between employees. Whether indirectly or directly, we’ve all had some experience with workplace drama. While it should be common sense that avoiding workplace drama is preferred, not everyone share this idea. Some enjoys engaging and instigating drama. Such a thing can be so detrimental to the moral of the staffs and team members.