5 Tips To New Year Resolution Success

5 Tips To New Year Resolution Success

For many of us, New Year resolution is just a fad.  Something we do at the beginning of the year so we can join the conversation.  But we don’t fully intend on completing those New Year resolutions.  That’s why over 80% of New Year resolutions fail.  And they fail before they ever start.  Because the true intent and purpose isn’t there.   

In order to achieve your New Year resolution goals, you must take it seriously.  It should be more than a fad, and more than just a conversation piece.  Sometimes people just make up New Year resolution on the spot when they feel like they’re left out of the conversation.  Of course you know already that whatever the resolution is, it’s dead on arrival. 

To achieve your New Year resolutions, here are 5 Tips I’ve put together to help you. 

  1. Sincerity – The first thing about New Year resolution is that it has to be serious. It has to be something you truly want to achieve.  The more passionate you are about it, the higher the likelihood you will accomplish it. 

  2. Realistic – When coming up with your New Year resolution, be purposeful and realistic about it. It’s good to aim high, but aiming too high is highly discouraged.  A goal to get a promotion is good.  But a goal to become the CEO, when you’re only a regular employee is not good.  Be honest with yourself and your abilities to achieve the goal within the year.  If you do aspire to be a CEO one day, that’s great.  Make that a longer term goal.  But keep this New Year resolution to something that is realistically achievable.

  3. Plan – Having a New Year resolution without a plan to reach it is almost useless. In order to be successful with your New Year resolution, combine it with an actionable plan.  Steps that you will take to achieve your goals.  Wanting a promotion isn’t enough.  Having a list of things you will accomplish in order to get the promotion will give you a much higher chance of getting the promotion.  The promotion won’t just come to you if you simply just want it.  You have to work towards it.  Like with any other goals you may have.

  4. Accountability – A very common failure to New Year resolution is the lack of accountability. If you set a New Year resolution for yourself, but don’t have any consequences if it’s not achieved, you’re less likely to be successful.  There’s not push, motivation, or even fear for you if you just simply forget about your New Year resolution.  That’s why I suggest you commit yourself to some form of accountability or consequences if you don’t achieve your goal.  This will incentivize you even further to be successful with your New Year resolution.

  5. Partner – I find that having a partner to share the resolution is very helpful. You can support each other and motivate each other.  In a sense, you can also be accountable for each other.  If at all possible, find a partner to share your New Year resolution and help each other achieve success.

It’s a real shame that most people fail and give up on their New Year resolution.  There are plenty of reasons why people give up before they even start.  But I sincerely believe that if you take it seriously, it will drive your success throughout the year.  We don’t really ever take the time to reflect on what we do and why we do things during the year.  So why not do so at the beginning of the year.  Set yourself up to succeed.


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